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By: Diana Roberts on Real Good Roofing
Location: Facebook

Dale is very helpful with us during house hunting, and goes the extra mile to get accurate information on roofs to help us determine the value of purchasing or passing on a property.

By: Brittany Drake on Real Good Roofing
Location: Facebook

Justin Shoemaker is an exceptional and real quality guy! He is a very hard worker, he shows up on time and does what he says he is going to do. He and his company, Real Good Roofing are absolutely incredible to work with! I’m so happy to now have a new and leak free roof as well as awesome guarantee that it will stay that way from a man I trust. A guarantee is only as good as the person giving it and I know our roof in GA will be covered by a top notch company for many years to come. If that isn’t a sleep well at night, I don’t know what is! Thanks so much Justin to you and your great crew for our new and beautiful roof! 🤗

By: Zack Bailey on Real Good Roofing
Location: Facebook

I had posted in a local Facebook group looking for someone to do a patch job on my roof. Simple stuff but I wanted a professional. Dale turned me on to Real good roofing and boy am I glad he did. He popped over exactly when he said he would, we bonded over both being from ohio, and he got to work! it was easy to tell dale CARED about the work he was doing. he could have put my crap torn shingles back up but went out of his way to get me some new ones and even did his best to match my current shingles. quick, efficient, friendly, id recommend these guys to my mother! 10/10. plus its always a bonus if the guy doing you a service is someone you know you could grab a beer with! thanks Dale and thanks REAL GOOD ROOFING!

By: Missy Shoemaker on Real Good Roofing
Location: Facebook

Exceptional workmanship and customer service.

By: Perla Angeles on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Dale is great! He makes sure his clients are treated good! And makes sure he communicates well, shows us proof of everything that need to be done. And why it needs to be fix, with the roof. We can’t wait to see how our new roof will look!

By: Sam Shoemaker on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Great company with professional workers and high standards!

By: Jeff Watters on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Highly recommend Very professional Answered all my concerns and did a great job Shoe was amazing with his knowledge and concern for my project

By: Lois Gene on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Roof leaked in 3 spots. Called them and they came on a Saturday. They out tarps down that day to stop further damage and then came back out to do a new roof. Very happy. Job took 1 day and they are neat and very clean. I have 2 dogs, so clean up was crucial for me.

By: Juan Alfaro on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Real Good Roofing is a great company for any roofing needs. They go above and beyond for all project needs! Excellent customer service!

By: Britt D on Real Good Roofing
Location: Google Review

Justin Shoemaker with Real Good Roofing has been absolutely amazing to work with!! I was informed of inside interior leaks in different areas of our home by our current tenants. We right away had different roofing companies go out to take a look followed by an insurance adjuster. We were told we needed a whole new roof! Luckily, one of the companies who went out was Justin’s roofing company! 😅 After texting/talking with him as well as corresponding through emails it was a very easy decision on who we wanted to hire. Our house that we own is near Savannah but my husband is active duty Army so we are out of state landlords and currently are stationed in Louisiana. Justin kept me in the loop every step of the way and even sent me drone photos to show us the damage on our roof and explained why we needed a new roof and not just a repair. He is so professional, easy to talk to as well as dependable! His company got us taken care of and our new roof looks SO much better! Justin sent me over after pics of the new roof so we were glad to get to see those! What a night and day difference! It made us feel like we were there in GA working with him locally even though in reality we’re a 13 hour drive away! We paid his company electronically and it was very easy (especially for me as I delegated for my husband to do it lol! 😂) Justin even is helping to coordinate us getting the interior of our home fixed bc he knows some painters who can go in and repair the damage, kilz and repaint the different areas/ceilings that got messed up with our old roof when it was leaking. He’s truly a great guy to know! It was an absolute pleasure working with Justin and my husband and I appreciate his hard work getting our new roof done. I highly recommend going with his company, you won’t be disappointed that is for sure! Thanks Real Good Roofing for taking such good care of our home and it’s roofing needs!