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Free Estimates

From small repairs to full roof replacements, tell us what work you’d like done and we will have an estimate ready for you within 24 hours! (We may have to visit your home to get measurements, photos, etc)

insurance claim

Suspect STORM DAMAGE on your roof? The Low Country certainly gets its fair share of harsh weather, you may have even noticed shingles missing on your roof or some of your neighbors roofs. Many times storm damage is only noticeable DURING a storm! Once the wind stops blowing and rain stops falling, everything can look normal. Have one of our HAAG certified Insurance Specialist out for a FREE professional assessment to be sure!

roof replacement

Real Good Roofing offers several quality roofing systems, including our most popular “Real Good Roof” system which includes 4 different warranties to ensure your roof lasts its life!

One of our reps are ready to help you now!

roof repairs

Many roofs can be repaired to avoid a costly roof replacement. Let us help keep your current safe and dry!

free inspection

Curious about your roof or suspect an issue? One of our reps will conduct a full inspection -FREE!

Roof reports

Need an official report for a buyer or proof of work done? We offer digital reports with detailed photo packages! Great for Realtors!


Vinyl and Hardie options available!


Damage to your fascia or window/garage trim? We can help!


Wood, aluminum and vinyl options available – ask about our vented soffits!

emergency tarp

Have water damage coming through the roof and need it stopped ASAP? We are on the way!

Drone inspection/ aerial photo packet

Let one of our FAA certified pilots give your property an aerial inspection, complete with digital photo packet, free!

Fly the drone!


Many homes in the Savannah area still need their gutter system installed! Ask for a free quote TODAY! We also offer REAL GOOD gutter cleaning packages that you can choose to have done one time, seasonally or annually!

Questions? We are open 24/7!