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KR It Was A Stormy Night

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

Think back to the worst storms that have raged over your home. Strong winds, dangerous lightning, and pounding hail are scary enough while inside the house; can you imagine what it would be like out on your roof?

Justin Shoemaker manages a family roofing business, Real Good Roofing of Savannah GA , and said, “Who looks up at their roof? It’s not until a bad storm hits, or you see damage to your home, that most people even think about their roof.”

Replacing your home’s roofing is a big investment, so how do you know when it’s time? The two obvious signs are missing shingles and brown ceiling stains, but there are some things you can look for to prevent early damage.

‘SHOE’ says that one sign to watch for, is the wearing away of the granules from the surface of the shingles. He said, “There is no need to get up on the roof to inspect the shingles, simply look into the gutters. If you see more than a dusting of a tiny rock like particle, call a roofer. Those small limestone chips are the top layer that gives your shingles its color and its UV protection.”

Another indication of shingle aging is a failure of the top layer. You may also see some of the mat appear through the black of the asphalt, or blistering, cracking, or splitting of the layers. These signs can be harder to spot from the ground and should be part of an annual examination of the roofing from above.

As these warning signs appear, it’s time to have a reputable roofer make a free written inspection. Shoemaker’s company,Real Good Roofing of Savannah GA  offers a professional roof condition assessment that includes an estimate of the remaining life your roof. All insurance companies demand a minimum of three years for coverage. He can help to evaluate repairing VS. replacing costs.

He adds, “Remember that seeing is believing. A good roofer conducts a roof top inspection using satellites and drones and offers color digital pictures and video to show you the roof’s true condition.

Consider joining a service such as Angie’s. For less than the price of a night out, you can access hundreds of local contractor reviews posted by homeowners sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences they have had. Meet everyone you invite out to your home and trust your instincts!

Shoemaker adds, “You do not have to know anything about roofing to judge roofer information and a roofer’s credentials. Look at the roofer’s truck and equipment and see if they arrive on time.

“Think about how a roofer is treating you before he has any of your money and ask yourself if it will get better or worse if you need him, after your money is long gone”.

Shoe warns, “Think about how a roofer is treating you before he has any of your money and ask yourself if it will get better or worse after your money is long gone”.

Asphalt roofing shingles get their name from the fact that they are made up of layers of different materials. The basic ingredients are fiberglass, asphalt and limestone granules for color. Higher warranty rated (30-Lifetime) shingles will have more of these layers than the basic 25 year variety. Better shingles will have a 10% copper granule blend to prevent those ugly black stains from growing across your new roof.

Shingles today can be expected to have an effective lifespan of 30 years or more, when installed by a qualified roofer.

A roof system that meets Savannah codes must include; aluminum trim flashing, peel and stick underlayment, and the wood deck inspection. Proper ventilation and metal flashing at critical areas such as where two roofs intersect (valleys), where dormer walls meet shingles (step) and around chimneys are needed to be eligible for a manufacturer warranty.

Roofers have costs (gas and time) associated with giving free quotes, so do not go overboard when inviting companies to bid your roof. Remember that while you are sizing-up the roofer, he will be sizing you up too. Calling out numerous roofers for bids wastes your time and their money. Most experts agree that a good rule of thumb is to call five to get three who will actually show-up and two who will present a bid!

Good roofers stay busy, even in the winter, so once you find someone who you trust, who is a professional and meets your budget; hire them!

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